Villawood Redevelopment Project

Upgrade of the facility

The Villawood Immigration Detention Facility in Sydney is undergoing a major upgrade.

The Australian Government has committed $186.7 million to the project which is managed by the Department of Finance on behalf of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

The redeveloped facility will include improved processing areas, visitor meeting spaces, and detainee amenities.

Input from stakeholders, staff, people held in detention, visitors and local residents were incorporated into the facility’s final design. The design, including landscaping, is intended to improve the look of the facility for the local community and for the people in detention.

The design

Master plan for Villawood Immigration Detention Facility

Master plan

  • The new entry will be located further away from residential areas.
  • A new administration building with staff offices, interview and meeting rooms.
  • New health facilities.
  • State of the art security system will use low level lighting to reduce light spill on residential areas.
  • Purpose-built accommodation will be no more than two storeys high.
  • Landscaping will act to integrate the facility’s buildings and perimeter.
  • Preservation and restoration of heritage buildings will be undertaken.


Good progress has been made on construction of the new facility.  The first stage of construction was completed in April 2014 and opened in May 2014.  Stage 2 of construction commenced in May 2014. The remainder of the project is due for completion in 2016.

Visit the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s website.

Facility entrance

The redeveloped facility opened in May 2014.  The new entrance to the Villawood Immigration Detention Facility is from Birmingham Avenue.

The Blaxland facility entrance has not changed, and is via Birmingham Avenue.

The entrance to Sydney Immigration Residential Housing has not changed, and continues to be from Miowera Road. The Miowera Road entrance will be closed to public vehicles.

Read more about the new visitor access arrangements that started in May 2014.

Concept drawing recreational building
Concept drawing recreational building
Concept drawing aerial view of redevelopment
Concept drawing aerial view of redevelopment